Sony axes Kkusum!

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Kkusum has been in the news most of these past few days for the wrong reasons! Now, we hear that Sony has axed the soap, which will come to an end next month.

Confirming the news, Ekta Kapoor says, ?It?s true. We will be pulling out Kkusum after its 1001th episode, which will be aired on 30th November (in India, UK will see end in December). It was a mutual decision taken by the channel and us. We don?t have a story left and there?s no reason to keep on stretching it. It?s better to end it on a positive note where it will be remembered as a super hit show.?

The general impression is that Ekta doesn?t want her shows to end. ?That?s not true. But why should I close down my shows like Kyun Ki and Kahani or other shows, which enjoy TRPs of 13 and 11. They are much more than any of the other shows. Why should I close shows of mine which are doing so well??

Says Nivedita Basu, Creative Head, ?There were some reasons why we decided to go off air with Kkusum. We?d rather have new shows on air than continue with ones that have lost the audience.

The time slot had been shifted from the 9pm slot to 7.30pm but Sony hadn?t promoted the change of time properly. Nobody knew of the change in timing and a result of which our TRPs were dropping and were at an all-time low.

That?s bad when you take into account that it was doing much better than Jassi a few weeks ago. Kkusum will be Balaji?s third serial after Kyun Ki and Kahani to complete 1000 episodes.?

Kkusum ends in the UK in December.