Sonu Nigam unhappy being replaced by Salman Khan in ‘Hangover’ song

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Hangover Kick 340x - Salman Khan Jacqueline Fernandez
Salman Khan Jacqueline Fernandez in 'Kick'

Sonu Nigam has expressed his displeasure at being replaced by Salman Khan in the song ‘Hangover’ from ‘Kick’ without any notice.

Mumbai Mirror reports Nigam confirming the news. He told the paper that he had recorded the song last year and was not even paid for it. Furthermore, he was not even told his voice had been replaced by Khan.

The song was released by T-Series earlier this week, which features Khan’s voice, alongside Shreya Ghoshal. While Ghoshal’s parts were retained, Nigam’s segments were dubbed over by Khan. Manmeet of Meet Brothers was quoted in the paper saying, “We were looking for a singer but couldn’t find the perfect voice. This is when Salman stepped in and insisted he sing it himself.”

Nigam said, “Yes, I had recorded this song last year. I wasn’t told that it has been dropped. I read it in the papers that Salman had sung it. I wasn’t even paid for it.”

Since the song was released on Tuesday, the song has been viewed 2.5 lakh times on YouTube.