Sonam Kapoor 2

Sonam Kapoor, who has received immense praise for her role in ‘Neerja’ has spoke confidentially about her position in the industry.

In a magazine interview, Kapoor said, “I۪ve never been insecure because nobody can be harder on myself than me. I don۪t judge my life by my work. I don۪t think I would have been able to do Neerja if I was like that. I love my job enough to not make it my life. I don۪t want that wonder, fear, passion, principles to go away because of wrong ambitions. I۪m ambitious, to be a better human being, but it۪s not compulsory for me to be the superstar of the country. I find that boring.”

‘Neerja’ has proved a smash-hit at the box office window.