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Sonam extends support to Instagrammer Ankush Bahuguna on males applying make-up

Recently, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja showed her support to a male influencer, who is helping change the narrative about men wearing makeup and attempting to normalise it.

Ankush Bahuguna is an Instagrammer who makes light hearted fun content on social media and often posts makeup tutorials. He goes on to state how make-up and beauty products aren’t gender-specific and are not just associated with women.

Kapoor Ahuja took to her Instagram and shared a video by Bahuguna that went viral on social media, reports Spotboye. The video shows Bahuguna applying makeup to his face. He also asks why people associate beauty and makeup with only women, and why people define masculinity in a way that they can’t do feminine actions. He adds that makeup is a personal choice, and no one should have the authority to tell others about how to be a man or a woman.

Bahuguna has also previously shared similar videos speaking about men and make-up. A few weeks ago, he had shared pictures in eyeliner, and had tweeted, “It’s not my eyeliner that scares you, it’s my freedom to wear it that scares you. You play by a rulebook and I don’t and that makes you insecure. This really isn’t about me, this is about you.”

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