Sonakshi Sinha to star with Saif Ali Khan

Sonakshi Sinha to star with Saif Ali Khan
Sonakshi Sinha

Soon to be seen opposite the infamous Rajnikanth in the forthcoming Tamil project ‘Lingaa’ Sonakshi Sinha has expressed how she wants to take on more roles within the South alongside her career as an actress in Bollywood.

“I would love to do more projects (down south) provided I get good scripts.The southern film industries are rich in content, which is why so many of their films get remade here (in Bollywood). I definitely don’t want (my southern film career) to end with ‘Lingaa’.” Zee News reported Sinha stating.

Having worked on so many South remakes with the Hindi Film Industry, Sinha apparently had a greater understanding of the way they do things in the south and was only had to work on getting the language right. She went onto add, “After working in so many southern remakes, I think I’ve developed a sense of familiarity with the way things function here. The only new challenge was to speak a language I don’t speak or understand and look convincing doing it.”

According to reports Sinha was offered other roles too, however due to date issues she could not take those roles on. Stay withBizAsia for further updates.