With Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ due for release next week, the actress has confirmed a new film in the offing.

Sinha who was seen in a women-orientated role in ‘Lootera’ (2013) has signed a new project supporting women.

“I have now signed a new film which has a women-oriented subject. I am quite excited about that project, but I`m not allowed to talk about it till the producers make an official announcement,” Sonakshi told.

Asked if the movie is a remake of a southern film, she said: “Wait till the announcement.”

The actress says she received varied offers after her strong performance in “Lootera”.

“I was approached for many films post `Lootera`, but I didn`t feel strongly about them. `Lootera` was written for me, but the other offers that I got post `Lootera` were not convincing,” she said.

‘Holiday’ also stars Akshay Kumar and releases on Friday 6th June.