Sona Mohapatra hits out at Salman Khan & his fans

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

As previously reported by BizAsia, singer Sona Mohapatra had taken to Twitter to express her displeasure in Salman Khan’s recent comments. Mohapatra’s tweets did not go down too well with Khan’s diehard fans, who trolled the singer and have led her to post a lengthy post on her Facebook account.

As part of her post, Mohapatra spoke more about why she is displeased with superstar Khan, saying, “Nothing but the simple outcome of celebrating people like Salman Khan in the public domain, only encourages the worst in society. Bad behaviour has to be accounted for. Some PR driven branded charity cannot be the exit hatch. Not all of us are the dumb fools who have zero understanding of such strategic self serving branding exercises. A sorry or acknowledgement of a mistake shouldn’t be so difficult to start with. So difficult for his huge clan to put in a word to his digital agency to stop the bully Bhai Bhakts from vomiting incessantly? No. That would take away his ‘hero halo’. Instead this man attends press conferences in a film awards event abroad ( even there making everyone wait while he takes his time reaching there I hear) & keeps up with his swag & finally updates his Twitter timeline with a promo tweet for another film. ‘Let daddy say sorry. I don’t have to. I’m privileged, have done this & worse many times before & on top of that the ‘masses’ thronging the theatres support me, my peers don’t tell me anything ..who cares about setting the right example to my stupid adoring mob? ‘ (this is me decoding his smirking, contemptuous expression & one liners since).”

Going on to explain why she was making this post, the singer added, “The reason why I share this is to put a spotlight on yet another new age phenomena – CYBER bullying, armies of trolls (many employed & paid by digital agencies of the rich & powerful) who try & scare individuals, be it men or women.”

It is yet to be seen whether Khan, who is currently in Madrid for the IIFA 2016 award ceremony, will make a public apology for his recent rape analogy which has upset many sentiments.

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