Sohail Khan: “Salman Bhai doesn’t accept awards…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Sohail Khan shared the screen with elder brother Salman Khan in ‘Tubelight’ which released this week. The actor has talked about how his brother has grown as a performer.

“Salman Bhai doesn’t accept awards, but if you will see his growth as an actor, he is genuinely very good looking and popular man. But more than popular and good looking he is a tremendous actor,” said Sohail, according to Filmfare.

He continued, “The day he starts accepting awards, there would be nobody else. At least for the past five years, the kind of performances he has given for his characters, he is one of the best actors we have. And he is like clay. You can mould him. You can do comedy with him, emotional role with him. He is in superb in action.”

Sohail and Salman portrayed a reel brother relationship in the film, which is a Kabir Khan directorial.