Sofia Hayat plans to sue Colors over ��Bigg Boss 7��_

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sofia Hayat plans to sue Colors
Sofia plans to sue Colors

Former contestant of ��Bigg Boss 7?, Sofia Hayat has said she plans to sue the show’s broadcaster for not taking action against contestant Armaan Kohli for hitting her.

At a press conference here, Sofia was asked if she thinks that the channel is wrong in not taking any action against Armaan despite having a “no violence” clause in the contract.

To that, Sofia said: “I didn’t think practically that I should sue Colors also, I could see only Armaan Kohli. But yes, you are right, I will talk to my legal team also about this.”

“My contract said ‘no violence and no personal attacks’. I didn’t think of this (suing the Colors) before, but my next step will be this. Obviously, my number one priority is that Armaan is taken out of the house and he needs to be accounted for what he has done,” she added.

Sofia was evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 7’ last week. During her stay on the show, an argument broke out between her and Armaan which ended with Armaan hitting Sofia with a mop, leaving her hurt.