Sofia Hayat apologises to those who found her beautiful with make-up

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sofia Hayat
Sofia Hayat

Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat, now known as Mother Sofia Hayat has apologised to her fans, if they ever found her ���beautiful�۝ with makeup and implants.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Hayat says, ���I apologise to my fans and anybody who found me beautiful with makeup and implants. Three weeks ago, I had my implants removed.�۝ Hayat had undergone breast implants and augmentation back in 2014.

Hayat critised the use of makeup and how people are portrayed in the media, ���Media projects fake images of women with implants and men with steroid shots. And then, everyone wants to have similar bodies. What they don�۪t realise is that all of that is fake.�۝

She further added, ���Unfortunately, women start believing that showing sexy, curvy body is freedom. The truth, however, is that media all media organisations across the world are directly or indirectly controlled by men. So what we thought was freedom, was just a man�۪s view of how a woman should look. That is some freedom!�۝

The former model-actor was named as the new ��Curvy Icon�۪ in Vogue Italia in 2012, and was listed No. 81 in the FHM�۪s list of sexiest women in the world in 2013.