Sneak peek: BizAsia in conversation with Ranbir Kapoor

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Kapoor in 'Barfi!'
Kapoor in 'Barfi!'

Just a week ago, star-son and actor in his own right, Ranbir Kapoor was in London for the promotions of his forthcoming film, ‘Barfi!’ also starring Priyanka Chopra and introducing Ileana D’Cruz. BizAsia had the amazing opportunity to interview the actor and speak to him about the film.

Talking about working with Chopra, Kapoor said, “It�۪s my second film with Priyanka. It was a bit odd for me to see her in this avatar, I have always seen her as this glamorous, cool and hot looking actress. Seeing her as Jhilmil was initially a bit awkward to connect with but as days went by, to see her surrender herself to this part was amazing for me to see as an actor and as a friend…”.

Speaking of D’Cruz, Kapoor was equally filled with praise, “It is her first Hindi film and coming from the films she has done, she has done an amazing job. The amount of dignity, beauty and poise that she has added to the character Shruti is really amazing…”

Check in with BizAsia for the full interview in the coming days. Not to be missed!