Sizzling reel and real chemistry of Salman-Katrina

Salman-Katrina in the forthcoming 'Ek Tha Tiger'
Salman-Katrina in the forthcoming 'Ek Tha Tiger'

Whether it�۪s on-screen or off-screen, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif�۪s relationship -��professional or otherwise -��has been well documented and if they even glance at each other, it makes every journalist hallucinate about wedding bells. With the release of ��Ek Tha Tiger�۪��just around the corner, BizAsia looks at the moments that have formed this six-year tumultuous relationship and has kept the world guessing.

Long before the��Kaif met Khan, she was originally friends with his sister and met��Khan through her. Speaking to My Story, Ms Kaif said: ���I was friendly with Salman�۪s sister, Alvira Khan first. We used to work out together and go to the same step class. She now told me that she became friendly with me because everyone used to come to exercise and I used to come with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. ��She was always looking at me and thinking what�۪s the point exercising and then eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich.”

As the pair grew closer, the ��Tees Maar Khan�۪ (2010) actress tarted to regard Khan as her mentor who helped her get into the Bollywood industry. Speaking to My Story, the actress said: ���Salman�۪s opinions, his views on the industry, the way he sees filmmaking, the way he sees the Hindi film industry has influenced my opinions a lot. During my initial years in the industry, I had no knowledge or opinions of my own. My knowledge and opinions came from Salman.�۝

Salman-Katrina in 'Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya'
Salman-Katrina in 'Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya'

The pair�۪s first film together was ��Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya�۪ (2005) alongside Sushmita Sen which turned out to be a superhit. Ms Kaif told the Times of India: ���I am told that the first success is a lot like first love. You can’t forget it. But for me, my first hit – Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, is like a blur. All I remember is that we had loads of fun while shooting. The scenes were so funny that we’d be laughing our heads off between shots and try to keep a straight face while shooting.�۝

���I was still the outsider with no knowledge of Bollywood. Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya��was important to me. Though later Salman and I came together for other projects,��Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya��was special. Perhaps because it was our first time together. Everyone associated with the project was very happy for me.�۝

The film was a runaway success and when they came together for David Dhawan�۪s ��Partner�۪ (2007), the film was eagerly awaited by fans who were eager to see their chemistry on screen. Though the actors were not paired together in the film, it was clear to see that their off-screen relationship influenced the film�۪s success. ��Moving away from the comedies, the pair were next seen again in ��Yuvraaj�۪ (2008) and even whilst going through a break up in real life, the pair remained professional on set.

Salman-Katrina in 'Yuvraaj'
Salman-Katrina in 'Yuvraaj'

Though the couple soon split after ��Yuvraaj�۪, Kaif also featured in the title song for ��Bodyguard�۪ (2011), as herself, as a favour to Khan. When a journalist dared to question the actress at a press conference for ��Ek Tha Tiger�۪ if she was at risk of being stereotyped as an item girl, Khan was quick to jump to her defence. ���Karan Johar is a good friend of hers and he requested that she should do this song (Chikni Chameli), so she did it. It was the same when we requested Katrina to feature in Bodyguard, she honored us by doing it. They are not item songs, they are songs that become popular and then get called item songs. Katrina has a big heart that she doesn�۪t say no,�۝ he said.

It is clear that despite their differences, the pair do hold a great amount of respect for each other. Neither has said anything negative about the other in the press and their split has not affected their chemistry on screen. From what the trailers from ��Ek Tha Tiger�۪ are to go by, the pair look hotter than ever in the songs Mashallah and Banjaara. In fact, having rewatched the film in post-production, Khan advised Kaif to dub the film again which she then did on her birthday. Speaking at a press conference for the music launch of the film ��Ek Tha Tiger�۪, Khan said: ���I think one can easily fall in love with her (Katrina) on screen and off screen. Even her fans love her a lot. This is why she is standing here and all the cameras are facing her.�۝

Read into that quote what you will in regards to their relationship status, it is clear that the pair do have the formula for gold on-screen. Their chemistry sizzles and only time will tell whether they do have a happy ending in real life.

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