Six Asian films to screen at Wembley Park’s outdoor cinema in June & July

'Chaal Jeevi Laiye'

Wembley Park, North West London’s world famous neighbourhood announced this year’s Summer on Screen programme taking place from 31st May to 23rd July. The specially curated film season will feature Hollywood Blockbusters, Sing-A-Long Classics and South Asian Cinema presented exclusively by Tongues on Fire.

Tongues on Fire present a specially curated selection of six films that celebrate South Asian cinema, opening with Gujarati-language comedy road movie, ‘Chaal Jeevi Laiye’.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye (2019) written and directed by Vipul Mehta. Aditya Parikh and his father Bipin Chandra Parikh begin to explore the meaning of life as they meet a traveller named Ketki, who takes them on a journey of surprises and realizations that strengthens their bond with every situation that tests their drifting relationship. Distributed by Rising Star Entertainment (In Gujarati with English subtitles). The film will open with a Bollywood Dance workshop by Sole Beats dance group – 5th June at 19:00.

Hamid (2018) is a drama about eight-year-old Hamid who learns that 786 is God’s number and decides to try and reach out to God, by dialling this number. He wants to talk to his father, who his mother tells him has gone to Allah. Using his father’s old mobile phone he tries different combinations to speak to God. One day the phone call is answered by Abhay, a hard-knuckled CRPF Jawaan and two lives shattered in the strife of Kashmir find a way to be complete again. (In Urdu and Hindi with English subtitles) – 12th June at 19:00.

KD (2019) is about Karuppu Durai, an 80-year-old man, bedridden for the past three months in a coma, who suddenly wakes up one fine day to overhear his family planning to kill him by performing an ancient euthanasia ritual. Hurt, heartbroken and afraid, Karuppu Durai runs away from the only home he has ever known. On an aimless path with nowhere to go, he accidentally meets a 10-year-old orphan Kutty. Kutty is everything Karuppu Durai isn’t; smart, spunky and full of life. The fiercely independent Kutty encourages KD to chalk out a bucket list and start living for himself. Thus begins an eventful road trip of this unlikely pair – an old man running away from his family and a young boy who never had one! (In Tamil with English subtitles) – 19th June at 19:00.

Dhh (2017) is a heart-warming story of three friends Gungun, Bajrang & Vakil and their journey towards realizing their true potential. An afternoon of sauntering leads them to a magic show and leaves them awestruck. Magic, it seems is a solution for all their problems including mathematics! The boys write to the Magician asking him for a trick to ace their examinations. Days go by and times get tougher with punishments at school and warnings at home. All hope is lost, but one fine day the Magician replies! His letter arrives with a parcel that claims to hold the key to cracking their examinations. Can this be true? In pursuit of learning from magic Gungun and his friends soon realize, that there is a lot more learning to be done from life itself. (In Gujarati with English subtitles) The film will open with a children’s magic show – 26th June at 19:00.

Movies, Memories, Magic (2018) celebrates the hybrid cinematic and cultural heritage sculpted by London’s South Asian communities across time and space. Cinema has served as a vital bridge between cultures and countries, for South Asians in Britain. This documentary is the result of a year-long Heritage-supported South Asian heritage project – Memories Through Cinema, led by the UK Asian Film Festival (UKAFF) in collaboration with Queen Mary, University of London. The film paints a vibrant picture of how iconic South Asian films such as Mother India (1957) and Sholay (1975) screened in renowned cinema halls in London, from the winding alleyways of Brick Lane to the bustling streets of Wembley and Southall. The project received a Queen Mary University Community Engagement Award in November 2018. The cast and director Dr. Ashvin Immanuel Devasundaram will introduce the film – 3rd July at 19:00.

Life Goes On (2009) is a drama inspired by Shakespeare’s King Lear that explores the relations between a grief stricken father and his three daughters. Set in London, the time is now, the family of Indian origin – part of the UK diaspora. With his wife’s sudden death, Sanjay is suddenly thrown into close proximity with his three daughters. The drama unfolds over five days from the day when Manju dies to the day of the funeral. Haunted by memories, grappling with the devastating loss, missing the mediating influence of his wife, Sanjay finds himself assessing and carving out new relations with his three daughters. The cast and director Sangeeta Datta will introduce the film – 7th July at 14:30.

Members of the public will be able to enjoy the free outdoor screenings from deck chair seating in Arena Square, set against the dramatic backdrop of The SSE Arena, Wembley.