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Single Music Review: Kanta Laga (Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar & Yo Yo Honey Singh)

Tony Kakkar’s new single Kanta Laga has hit the airways and the Internet yesterday with the bang! In the lead up to its release the song has been promoted as one of the biggest new-age collaboration between the mammoth beat maker Yo Yo Honey Singh, pop princess of Bollywood – Neha Kakkar and her brother Tony Kakkar. The song is totally in the zone of similar past releases of producer Anshul Garg and his label – Desi Music Factory.

The single has already hit 10 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours in anticipation and curiosity of the hype around it. With a title of DJ Doll’s 2002 iconic Kaanta Laga (Remix) once expected this to be a remake of that remix but the big positive is that it is not a remake of that classic; so plus points for being original firstly. Brother Kakkar has composed the music and written the lyrics here and that is evident here as the music is a simple beat typical to his style. Kakkar’s ability to keep it simple but still make it danceable works well here with a strong synth line. Musically there is nothing more to this song and it almost sounds like a Caribbean song on how the beat has been arranged with a bob to it. The lyrics are just terrible and after a few listens the song borders on being annoying. The beat and chorus are catchy, which is exactly what one needs to create a hit dance number, but the rest of the lyrics and vocals are a little too much to take. The vocals of the brother-sister duo are over the top and sound super processed. The number of times Neha Kakkar says ‘Ui Ma’ almost gets on the nerves. Honey Singh’s vocals are the best of the lot but his rap is way too random to make any sense. Simply having a rhyme isn’t enough! The video is colourful and funky with some fun dance moves which will help alleviate the song to the masses.

Overall the song tries too hard to be the cool “in-thing” for the kids to enjoy. The Caribbean beat is definitely new for the Hindi market and that is perhaps what will drive the success for this single with a catchy memorable chorus. But that’s really it, could someone please cut off all the irritating vocals from this song!! This is a marketers dream song with its high star value, cool easy dance moves and a bizarre but fun video and that marketing will drive its success but at its core this song is below average.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.