Singers lip sync at ‘David’ music launch


When the music launch for the new film ‘David’ was taking place, audiences didn’t expect singers Lucky Ali and Shweta Pandit to lip-sync to the songs that featured on the album.

Much of the soundtrack features indie musicians, and when the audiences didn’t get a live performance from the musicians they left feeling very disappointed. What’s more was that singers Ali and Pandit were put in the positions of lip-syncing even though they didn’t want to, “I don�۪t do it regularly. Anyway, the event wasn�۪t meant to be a concert. It was just a presentation of the film�۪s music. Also, the venue isn�۪t really known for good acoustics which is required for a good show,” reported the singer stating.

Pandit, who sang Mast Kalandar, (which was originally sung by Rekha Bharadwaj went to to say, “As performers, we weren�۪t happy doing that but had no choice. I was informed only at the last minute that I�۪d have to perform the song since Rekhaji couldn�۪t make it to the event. The show would�۪ve been incomplete without Mast Kalandar. People shouldn�۪t judge us so badly. They�۪re not aware of what happens behind the scene.”

Though the night didn’t go as well as hoped director Bejoy Nambiar, was still optimistic about it, “Out of the many songs that were performed live, only a couple of them were performed on a plus one. That�۪s because some numbers cannot be done live. I feel we made up for everything.”

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