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Simone Singh on returning to television with ‘Bahu Begum’

Simone Singh has been on a five-year hiatus from appearing on television with her praise-worthy role of Sakshi Goenka in ‘Ek Hasina Thi’, but has now returned as one of the leads in ‘Bahu Begum’. Singh plays Razia in the Colors’ show/

Speaking on whether her sabbatical was intentional, Singh was cited in DNA as commenting, “I don’t intend to take long breaks. But something has to move you to take on a TV project as it can be demanding”.

Now the actress is looking forward by readying-up for her new role, joking that the producers had flattered her into accepting the role, “They told me my voice, look and dialogue delivery suit the role the best,” she laughs. On a serious note, she adds, “My character is the one who influences the plotline and other characters. I felt it was a role worth doing. Also, interestingly, I found that Razia and Heena (the role she played earlier) have had a similar experience in their lives. I used that experience to enrich this character. They are at two different times in their lives but I got the perception of how I should play her — Heena was many years ago and now it is Razia.”

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By Arjen Gill