Sikh TV calls for unity amongst Sikh channels

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Sikh TV has called for unity amongst other Sikh television broadcasters to work together in a move to prevent channels continuously running appeals pledging for money.

Sikh TV told that the reason behind this imitative was mainly to let it know that there are other broadcasters (like itself) offering similar services, which are not “harassing money from the public”. It is not clear as to why else Sikh TV would want to financially support a rival channel.

Sikh TV, which launched in November last year has been broadcasting free-to-air without any public donations. Sangat TV too has been running independently. Sikh Channel, which has been on-air for nearly two years has been pledging for donations from viewers on a regular basis.

Yesterday, Sikh Channel gave viewers until the end of this month to meet its financial target with donations, otherwise it could face closure. In response to this, Sikh TV came forward today to support Sikh Channel by raising money to keep the long-running broadcaster on-air and prevent the harassment of money from the public on such an emotional level.

Sikh Channel welcomed the move by Sikh TV and was surprised when given the news. A spokesperson said, “What are they collecting donations on behalf of Sikh Channel to give to Sikh Channel? Excellent.”

It’s not the first time Sikh Channel has asked for donation funding. Last year Ofcom had investigated its appeals and cleared it of any improper use.

Whether Sikh Channel and Sangat TV will come together is another matter. Keep it with for more developments.