Shubhaavi Choksey “Not color of your skin but colors in your heart & mind that truly make you beautiful”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Actress Shubhaavi Choksey has become the freshest source of inspiration for the internet with her motivating posts on social media and her encouraging quotes. The actress who treats her fans with stunning pictures from her photoshoots always pairs up her pictures with thought-provoking captions that can leave one feeling inspired.

In her latest social media post, she posted a picture of her dressed in black paired with interesting and colorful pieces of jewelry as she wrote, “Some people said that it is the colour of my skin that makes me look beautiful. Some said that I have put on weight and have big arms. Some even said that I shouldn’t experiment with my looks, I should be safe! This post is especially for SOME OF THOSE GUYS: I have made myself shades darker and I don’t think anything has changed on my face. It is not the colour of your skin but the colours in your heart & mind that truly makes you beautiful; Yes, I am human and my weight will keep fluctuating but honestly, style is not about the size but the way you carry yourself; And I will not stop experimenting, I can go wrong with my choices and looks but what’s the point of always being right and trying to be safe and perfect??”

With this post, the actress managed to break all the age-old stereotypes about colorism, weight-shaming, and the sad phenomenon of ruthless-judgment that goes on across the internet. In a digital world full of photoshop and illusions of perfection, her fans know well that they can find a sense of comfort in her social media posts, and know that one need not be perfect to be beautiful.

After wrapping up her shoot for her show ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kayy 2’, the actress is now looking to take up more challenging and experimental roles in the web space.