Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Chaalbaaz in London’ stalled due to pandemic?

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Last year, the announcement for ‘Chaalbaaz in London’ was made and it excited many. With Shraddha Kapoor stepping into the main role, the film was expected to roll this year. However, it’s being said that the film is now on hold due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Blame the pandemic for it. Right now, there is too much uncertainty about the future of mid-sized films and a lot of projects have gone back to the drawing board. While every stakeholder is excited about Chaalbaaz in London, it’s not financially feasible to commence shoot for the film given the times that we are in. The revenue models from theatrical are varied depending on covid scenario, whereas OTT platforms too won’t offer big amount to a masala film like Chaalbaaz in London”, said a source, talking to Pinkvilla.

After months of prep for the venture, it has been put on the backburner now. The source added, “It might be revisited once scenario is better as the team has a script in place. Even the music album was locked, with some recreated tracks of Sridevi’s classic”.

“While Shraddha was to spearhead the project, the script required two actors to play her love interest in the film. However, they were unable to find the ideal fit for the same. It’s a culmination of all the factors that has resulted in the film being put on hold”, concluded the insider.

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