Shraddha Kapoor: “Our profession requires a lot of effort”


Shraddha Kapoor, who has been shooting non-stop of late, has recently spoken about her hectic schedule and also how promotions et al take their toll on people.

“…The truth is that I am exhausted. This year alone has been full of hard work and physically-exhausting films. It’s also been amazing because I have had a chance to be a part of some really cool films and play distinct characters. So, the exertion is totally worth it,” said the actress, talking to TOI.

She also spoke about the struggles she’s faced as an actor in this day and age, “Our profession requires a lot of effort, but people don’t get to see that. They see the final product, but not the labour that goes into it. In most cases, it’s actually more difficult for women. For instance, our call time is always before everyone else’s. It takes longer for us to get our hair, make-up and costumes done, and then to get out of it. That itself adds extra hours to our day, averaging to about 14 hours. You have to love this profession to be able to do this tirelessly day after day, and make it look easy and fun. It’s been my childhood dream to be an actor, and now that I am one, I love every bit of the work I do. In the last two years, I’ve not had much time to unwind, and I know I need to take some time off. But I am a workaholic, who loves being on a film set more than taking off on a holiday.”

Kapoor’s film ‘Saaho’ will see the Bollywood debut of Prabhas and is a film many audience members will be waiting eagerly for.

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