Shooting ‘Lip to Lip’ song was a challenge for Imran Khan

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Katti Batti - Lip to Lip De Kissiyaan

Imran Khan was not expecting to have such a hard ride when he decided to come back to films. With the release of the third song from his forthcoming film ‘Katti Batti’, Khan expressed to the media how it was the difficult shoot he has done yet.

“We have shot ‘Lip to lip’ using stop motion animation, which is very time intensive because you have to get it right per pose, and they (filmmakers) will take one single frame. When you move a little bit then another frame and it goes on. After they animate it, it looks like smooth motion,”��Mid-Day��reported Khan explaining.

He went onto say, “But it means that you have to hold that position and suppose if there is a phone or a light coming in, then it will happen frame by frame. So all of the kissing moments in this song, we had to start to kiss and they had to take frames one after another as a hundred things would move around us.��It was very exhausting. It looks gorgeous, but it’s one of the most physically demanding thing that I have ever done because holding the body in that position static through the day and not moving at all. At the end of every day, we felt like our back was about to break.”

It looks like Khan had his work cut out for him. To go through all of that physical stress, here’s hoping that it’s all worth it in the end.

Also starring Kangna Ranaut, ‘Katti Batti’ tell the story of the relationship between both Khan’s character and Ranaut’s. Talking of the film, the actor explained, “It’s just incidental in the story. They (the characters) were living in together but it was actually before the film even begins. This boy and girl first meet in college. They start to date and fall in love and start to live together. They actually live together for five years and in those five years, you see the difficulty of their relationship as they start fighting and ultimately they break up.”

“All of this happens even before the film starts. So when the film begins, with all of this having happened in the past, what happens next is actually what ‘Katti Batti’ is about,” he added.

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