Shilpa Shinde steps away from Vikas Gupta’s web-series


After her Bigg Boss 11 win, Shilpa Shinde has been very careful about her next career move. She recently revealed that her plans of starring in fellow contestant Vikas Gupta’s webseries have fallen through.

“I don’t think I will be able to do it.” she said in an interview with Pinkvilla. “I know I had said yes to it and it was a reality at that time but to be frank after coming out of the house, I got to know a few things like how big a mastermind he is.”

Further elaborating on the situation, she said, “When we were inside the house, we cleared our differences, Salman Khan had helped us clear it during one of the episodes. I was absolutely fine after that inside the house. I wasn’t playing a game, it became a game eventually because of other people. I did not even try to be nice to people. But after coming out, I got to know a few things about Vikas, I don’t want to dig something out of the past. But I don’t think I will be able to work with him again as you know after that a lot of nonsense was said about the marriage thing. I don’t know why I am linked up to such things. I have always stayed within my limits. Vikas used to try and get overfriendly, people have seen it. I never gave any wrong impression but when I got out of the house, I just got to know a few things that I don’t think I would be able to work with a few people.”

Gupta responded to Shinde’s statement by saying that “If Shilpa has said that she doesn’t want to work with me after the third time she said she wants to work with me, it is her choice.”, adding that, “For me, Bigg Boss is over. After we got out, Salman also very clearly explained to her that Vikas ki galti nahi thi (it was not Vikas’ fault) and then again she has 500 times said good things about me and 200 times said bad things about me, I am done with this whole drama. I do not wish to go into this conversation again. If she has interest in working with me in future, I would definitely like to because she is a good actor and if she doesn’t want to, I wish her all the best in whatever she is doing.”

In terms of the project they were supposed to collaborate on, Gupta shared that nothing concrete has been planned. “I don’t think we have something like that as of now. I just feel that this is very conjugated altogether because I haven’t spoken to her for quite some time.”

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