Shekhar Kapur suggests opening filming studios will spread coronavirus

Shyama Sudra



With the recent news of members from the Bachchan household having tested positive for coronavirus has sparked further awareness of how the virus is still affecting the world. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur recently came out and spoke about this stating that the likes of film and television studios should remain closed for the time being.

Sharing his appreciation for the Bachchans to come out and inform the world of having caught the virus and the fact that Abhishek Bachchan was reported to have been in a dubbing studio not too long ago, Kapur took to social media site Twitter, and stated, “As we pray for the recovery of our beloved stars, let’s admire their courage in declaring that symptoms of #Covid_19 How many are not telling the world? Proves it’s dangerous to start filming/dubbing in close interior spaces. Studios will become a huge source of infection.”

Talking about how despite theatres being closed, individuals should take advantage of online streaming platforms, Kapur went on to add, “Theatres are not going to be open for at least a year. So all hype around the first weeks business of 100+ crores is dead. So the theatrical Star System is dead. Stars will have to go to the existing OTT platform or stream films themselves through their own apps. Technology is quite simple.”

Referring to his own experience with the shift in the way films are being watched, Kapur expressed, “The fear is that films meant for the big screen will never be as effective on small screens like TV, Video or phone. 99% of the ardent fans of #MrIndia have never seen ‘Mr India’ (1987) on the big screen. And continue to enjoy it on smaller screens. It’s the content that matters!”

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