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Shekhar Kapur to revive ‘Paani’?

Shekhar Kapur’s much talked about big budget movie ‘Paani’ is back in the news.

The film, which initially was going to star Hrithik Roshan, followed by Sushant Singh Rajput, was shelved by producer, Yash Raj Films.

Talking about this to Deccan Chronicle, Kapur said, “It is true that I am no longer doing the film with Aditya Chopra. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing this film. I’ve lived with the project for many years now. When I first spoke about the impending water scarcity 12 years ago, everybody laughed at me. Today, famine is a looming reality.”

Queried on what went wrong with his partnership with Yash Raj Films, Kapur said, “You have to understand Adi is not only a producer. He is also a very accomplished filmmaker with extremely independent ideas on cinema. We are both fiercely individualistic filmmakers. We just couldn’t agree on the way Paani should be made.”

He concluded, “We spent close to two years planning the project together. But it wasn’t meant to be. Not with Adi. I’ll now make Paani elsewhere.”