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Sheffield community station Link FM found in breach of Ofcom rules

Sheffield based community radio station, Link FM has been found in breach of Ofcom regulations for the broadcast of offensive words during the morning show.

Ofcom received a complaint from a listener who raised concerns about the song “Still on Deen” by Khaleed Saddiq, broadcast at approximately 08:55 which featured two instances of the word “niggas”. They were particularly concerned that this is a time when children might be listening during the school run.

The Licensee accepted that the song had been played in error and said it was “extremely apologetic” that it had been broadcast at this time (08:00 to 09:00), when content is typically broadcast with children in mind, including competitions and other features aimed at them. It added that this programme typically features traditional nasheeds, (devotional songs referencing Islamic beliefs, history and current events), which would not contain any offensive language. It further stated that it took its responsibilities “very seriously” and that it worked with a number of organisations that fight racism and prejudice.

Ofcom took into account that the Licensee accepted that the content was not appropriate for broadcast at this time during this programme, and it had been broadcast in error. However, the broadcaster was found in breach.