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Sheezan claims Tunisha was in touch with another man on app before her death

Sheezan Khan claims that Tunisha Sharma was in contact with another man on a dating app, just days before she passed away by suicide.

The lawyer of Khan said she was in touch with someone called ‘Ali’ between 21st and 23rd December.

Sheezan Khan’s lawyer Shailendra Mishra told Times of India, “Whatever allegations they (Tunisha’s family and lawyer) are levelling, there is no iota of truth in it. It’s studiedly false. They are blowing the matter out of proportion. Sheezan Mohammed Khan is innocent. He has been framed. I have disclosed facts before the court. Let the court take a call on it.”

Sharma was found dead on the sets of her TV show on 24th December. Sheezan was arrested for allegedly abetting the suicide of the actress. His judicial custody has been adjourned until 11th January 2023.