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Sharmila Tagore: “So many scripts are written for elderly male actors”

Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore is elated that women are getting stronger roles in Bollywood, but she is also disappointed with the lack of roles for older women, as opposed to older men.

As according to Filmfare, Tagore said, “So many scripts are written for elderly male actors, these things are not happening for female actors. The girls have to be very young and the men can carry on forever. In my time, life stopped at 30 or 40, but it doesn’t have to be because life carries on and there are a lot of interesting phases in life which the audience might like. When we were working, acting was not considered a very good profession…now that has changed. From then to now, films have become a very coveted profession and the roles of women are getting stronger. Films like Piku and Neerja being made and doing well proves that. In m my time, heroines couldn’t do a negative role, but now you can and people accept you. So, I think, Indian films are in a very good place. Today, heroines get to play more varied roles.”

Tagore was last seen in 2010’s ‘Break Ke Baad’.