Shahid Kapoor’s biopic of former boxing champion Dingko Singh shelved

Johar Deep



A project led by Shahid Kapoor, in which he was set to play the role of a former boxing champion and Asian Games gold medallist, has been shelved.

The biopic on Dingko Singh helmed by Raja Krishna Menon, will no longer happen, as confirmed by Menon himself.

He told News18, “That film has been put on the backburner. That was a boxing film we were talking about. There was a time for it. Sometimes, you need to move on.”

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He further stated, “Shahid and I speak about these ideas a lot but as Ishaan says – if I were to find a subject, it has to do justice to so many things including the character Shahid needs to play. There are bigger factors at play in terms of the kind of story we need to tell. Hopefully, we’ll find a script that will be great. We’re friends and I’ve realised that I just really want to make films with friends.”