Saif Ali Khan in 'Bullett Raja'

Saif Ali Khan in 'Bullett Raja'
Saif Ali Khan in ‘Bullett Raja’

Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were expected to share a vanity van together at a recent awards function.

According to Mumbai Mirror, Kapoor, ex of Saif Ali Khan’s wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan, agreed to share the van without hesitation.

A source told the publication, “Shah Rukh Khan arrived early and got his own vanity but then the dancers needed a van of their own so Saif and Shahid were asked to share the third. And the production chaps were asked to make sure the two didn’t bump into each other at any point of time.”

The source added, “Saif who arrived without wife Kareena Kapoor seemed to be in a tearing hurry. He was on the red carpet for exactly 20 seconds after the paparazzi yelled out to him. He then headed for the van. Shahid who was also walking towards it with his stylist and make-up man, spotted Saif and immediately took an about-turn and hurried backstage. Fifteen minutes later, after he was told that Saif had vacated the van, he returned to it.”

It was a good night for Shahid who walked away with Best Actor at the Life Ok Screen Awards.