Shahid Kapoor: “People were presuming about scenes in ‘Padmavati'”

Shyama Sudra



With Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ having faced a multitude of problems included members of the public ruining the sets, believing that he has included scenes that don’t reflect reality, actor Shahid Kapoor has come out and defended the film.

Talking about the film, Hindustan Times reports Kapoor expressing, “According to me, I have not shot any scene which has been changed. I think there were a lot of presumptions about the film, and people were presuming about the scenes.”

“The clarification has been given that no such scene is there in the film. I hope when people see this film, they will realize that the heart of the film and intent of the film is very good,” he added.

Kapoor, who will be seen playing Alauddin Khilji explained, “This country and the people who live in it, and specially the area we are talking about in the film, will be glorified. I play a Rajput king and my character, I feel, will be admired by people.”

This will be the first time Kapoor and Bhansali come together for a film, and by the looks of things, the actor was a big fan of the director’s work even before signing the film. “It’s awesome to be working with someone whose work I have admired in the recent past. The film (‘Padmavati’) has a great cast and going to be a huge film. I am really excited, but I want to underplay it, so I am trying to do that right now,” he expressed.

Also starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, ‘Padmavati’ is set to hit the big screens in November.