Shahid Kapoor on breaking away from stereotypical roles

Shyama Sudra



There’s no doubt in saying Shahid Kapoor has come a very long way since he started his career in 2003. At the time, most actors were cast as the perfect hero, and with Kapoor doing it so well he was always offered those kind of roles. However, as the industry evolved with its story-telling, so did the actor in wanting to take on more grey characters, but it became a lot more difficult than he anticipated.

Whilst talking to the media Pinkvilla reports how the actor spoke about how much he had to fight many people who told him to do roles based on what he had previously done. Kapoor went on to say that he would be drawn to directors who have a sense of difference to the norm. Kapoor also mentioned how the importance of stardom is what gave him the opportunity to take on more unconventional roles, where his work can reach a wider audience.

Kapoor will next be seen in Gulshan Kumar’s ‘Kabir Singh’ where he plays a drug addict after not being able to cope with a break up. From the trailer, it seems Kapoor addresses some real issues with drug addiction. Though he has touched on this topic before with ‘Udta Punjab’ (2016), Kapoor will be seen in a completely different context.

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