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Shahid Kapoor: “Only a good story idea cannot be enough”

Shahid Kapoor recently revealed that for him, choosing projects involves a lot more than just the filmmaker’s previous track record.

In an interview with IANS, Kapoor said, “I think talent should not be judged by an individual’s achievement because I believe that success of a film has nothing to do with how talented the storyteller is. If a filmmaker has given two back-to-back commercially successful film as opposed to a debutant who has lesser visibility of his work, that does not make the new filmmaker a lesser talented one,”, adding that, “So when I collaborate with a film director, I do not just go by the success of his last film. It is for all creative people, who are at times at their best form, at times not. But that is not to do with their talent. As an actor, when I commit to a script, I do it with the best of my ability.”

Committing to a script is not a simple task for Kapoor, he shared, “Now I do not just look at the matter from a singular point of view. I try to find out the potential of the final product, and how with each step of filmmaking, it can grow to become a great film.”. For him, execution is key, “Only a good story idea cannot be enough to make a great piece of cinema. There is a process of execution. I see if that is also in good hands.”

The amount of dedication Kapoor puts into a film prevents him from signing multi-starrers with small roles, “The fact is I tend to change my look completely in each film that I do, so whenever I am signing a film, I want to invest my full energy to that. Changing my look vastly, only for four-five scenes in a film, would be too much. Having said that, I am open to the idea of a meaty role in a multi-starrer,” he said.

Kapoor’s next film ‘Batti Gul Meter Chalu will release on 21st September.