Shahid Kapoor gains weight & loses film

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Shahid Kapoor gains weight & loses film
Shahid Kapoor gains weight & loses film

Shahid Kapoor is reported to be unhappy after gaining weight for a role in remake of ‘Vettai’, only to lose the film days later.

For the part, Kapoor was expected to beef himself up but the makers decided to shelve the film. If that wasn’t bad, Kapoor decided to shed 4 kgs for Maneesh Sharma’s upcoming release – but even that got put aside and the actor walked out of it due to differences with the producers.

After eight years of rigorous and regular training at the gym, Kapoor took a break of four months to look unmuscular and was disappointed when both films were axed. Kapoor’s personal trainer Abbas Ali confirmed the news to Times Of India, “Shahid lost four kgs of muscle weight for Maneesh’s film. He lost metabolism. He was demotivated. He’s 31 and a vegetarian and it isn’t easy for him to fluctuate his workout and diet.”

Anyway, onwards and upwards, Kapoor is now working on reworking his image for Prabhudheva’s ‘Namak’, Ali said, “I had to motivate Shahid to get back. He underwent mental endurance training… yoga and meditation. For someone who hadn’t missed the gym for a day for the past eight years, the past couple of months have been tough. Shahid is however, back and has been regularly training for a month now. I had to train his mind first.”