Shah Rukh Khan on writing book for 20 years


Superstar, Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that he has been writing a book for 20 years and will hopefully finish it soon.

Khan, who stars in this weekend’s release ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, told Deccan Chronicle, “I have been writing one for 20 years now. Someday, I will finish it but I write only when I feel like writing. I don’t do it as a job, I’m not a professional writer. It is some selective memories and very personal. It is therapeutic for me. Whenever I am feeling a little off-colour, I write. But lately I have not felt off-colour so I have not written a lot. But when people come to talk to me, I assume that there is always a respect and dignity attached to it and one should return that. So, no matter how banal or uninteresting the question, sometimes this is what the other person might want to ask to someone who they have watched, want to watch or don’t want to watch. They have a query with someone who is a public figure and one should dignify that.”

In the same interview, Khan also touched upon how he felt about his films that may have not worked so well at the box office. He told the publication, “The fact that I give it my best. When I do a film, from the day of its inception to its release, it belongs to me and no one else. I am not taking away the credit from my actors or the director but it belongs to me and I have to give my best to what belongs to me. In spite of that, if anything goes wrong, I will never think, “I wish I could have done a little more?” To live with a feeling of having not given it your best shot is worse and more painful than living with the feeling that “I did my best and it was not enough”. Of course, you feel sad and you want to work better. You don’t want to make the same mistakes, though I don’t think any film is a mistake, but if I was not doing this and running myself into the ground by the end of it on that Friday, I would be devastated.”

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