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Shah Rukh Khan: “See you all on the big screen in 2021”

Shah Rukh Khan has confirmed his comeback plans after he took to social media to wish his fans a Happy New Year.

The Bollywood superstar shared a quirky video, in which he asked his fans not to send lengthy messages on New Year’s as “they all mean the same thing”.

He added, “I believe when one is at the lowest and the bottomest of their life, the good thing is, that from here, there is only one way to move — that is upwards, higher, to better places. So 2020, whatever it has been, it has been in the past now and I believe 2021 is going to be bigger, better, brighter and more beautiful for all of us.”

He wrapped up the video by saying, “See you all on the big screen in 2021.”

Up until now, Khan had not confirmed plans of his return to the silver screen despite working on his next ‘Pathan’ helmed by Yash Raj Films.