Shah Rukh Khan on collaboration with Aanand L Rai

Jeetesh Luhar



Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming collaboration with Aanand L Rai about a vertically challenged person is a proud moment for him, despite the criticism he has received.

While people have been criticising the star, stating that the film won’t work, Khan said he is immensely proud of the subject and the film he is doing with Rai. The concept of the film is to break the misconception that people have of dwarfs, reports Bollywood Life.

While addressing the media, the Khan said, “The film is about a vertically challenged person. I am proud we are doing this film. With the technology when it isn’t possible. It’ll take 15-16 months to complete the film.”

His team at Red Chilies Entertainment are working on the VFX that would best fit the star. Earlier, in an interview, Khan had divulged more on what the height of his character would be and whether he would walk on his knees or not. The film will have heavy VFX since Khan will be about three-feet-one-inch tall in the film.

He said, “I have a bad knee injury, so no, I cannot walk on my knees. We have to do it completely on VFX. Aanand also feels that the VFX works best for the film. Otherwise, in today’s day and age, it will look extremely unreal. My VFX team has been working on it and I am sure we will be cracking it. You would like to have more feel to an actor and shoot it like a regular film and still be able to do it. So, we are trying to figure out and we are doing R&D already.”

The project has also launched with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma as Khan’s leading ladies in the film. The results of the VFX have been positive, with Khan quoted as saying, “For me, the interesting part is to play this character. Of course, the visual effects and all come as an added bonus. Honestly, I think we will pull it off because we have done some tests and, I think, they look outstanding.”

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