Shabana Azmi pays tribute to Soumitra Chatterjee who passed away at 85

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Soumitra Chatterjee passed away in Kolkata yesterday, Sunday 15th November. He had tested positive for the covid-19 disease. Renowned actress Shabana Azmi has paid tribute to him

Chatterjee had received multiple honours and awards throughout his career, including the Padma Bhushan in 2014, and IBN Live had even named him as one of the “men who changed the face of the Indian cinema”. He was best known for his collaborative work with director Satyajit Ray, with whom he had worked in fourteen films, which began with his debut ‘Apur Sansar’ (1959).

In conversation with Bombay Times, Indian Azmi recalled his modesty, “I was amazed at how lightly he wore his fame.” She explained how she had been part of a film group which was honoured in Paris and how Chatterjee ostensibly praised Ray’s work before his own, saying, “It’s because Ray made these characters so memorable that I am reaping the benefits of it.”

Azmi described the actor’s intelligent personality, “He was charming and great company to be around because he was well read and could speak on many subjects. I was in touch with his daughters the last few weeks and I am deeply saddened by his loss.”

She concluded, “He will be missed greatly”.


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