Sexual harassment case against Ali Zafar dismissed by Lahore High Court

Ketna Mistry



Last year in April, singer-actor Ali Zafar was accused of sexual harassment by singer Meesha Shafi, the case has now been dismissed by Lahore High Court. However, this not over yet, Zafar has now filed a defamation case against Shafi.

Reported on Hindustan Times, Zafar shared his statement on Twitter saying, “Meesha Shafi’s case against me has been dismissed alongside the appeal made against the dismissal. The case in the court is my case against her to pay for damages that her false statement has caused me, which naturally she is trying to run away from. I have also filed a case against all the fake and other accounts being used to run a campaign against me on social media. I have been quiet about all this for a year while thousands of disgusting tweets were posted against me, like a campaign every time a big event comes. But it’s time to expose the truth via due process of law for which I urge the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) to take strict legal action. And a prayer to our respected courts to decide the matter at earliest for which I would like everyone to join me in asking Miss Shafi to come to the court. #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi.”

The ‘Teefa In Trouble’ (2018) actor continued to say, “I am truthful and those who are honest appear without being called. There was a social media campaign against me and I have taken this up with the FIA. I can’t believe that anyone can come forward and accuse someone who’s innocent and decent, has worked hard for over two decades — solely on social media. Those who accused me, levelled allegations for personal gains and then went to Canada, the truth is I was targeted for personal gains. I don’t know whether by doing this she wanted to become another Malala and get fame abroad.”

Zafar’s comparisons of Shafi and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafsai, was not received well by his followers. “Meesha cannot become her by lying and running away from justice, hiding behind fake profiles on social media.” He goes on to explain that Yousafsai for him true warrior who stood for truth and justice, having made great sacrifices.

The ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ (2016) actor shared that the defamation case had been filed a year ago, “It is important to mention that Meesha’s case was dismissed as was her appeal. The case that’s ongoing is my case of compensation. It has been a year and our witnesses have appeared eight times. The case should be decided fast for my truth and their lie can be revealed.”

At the recent Lux Style Awards 2019, it was reported that many of the celebrities who recipients of the award, walked out to protest over not inviting Ali, with some even withdrawing their name from the nominations.