Self-isolation: What celebrities are doing with their time


As most of the world seems to be contained indoors during this pandemic, many big names of the Indian Film industry are taking to social media to advertise how they are spending their time at home. From fitness, food and health to music, family and advice, in the attempt to spread positive vibes and keep spirits up, goes through the different things some of them are sharing.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Known for her fitness posts, Shilpa Shetty Kundra has been advising the world how they can use their home as their own gym. With simple work-outs using her stairs, she has also posted pictures of herself with her son where it seems he’s gotten involved too. Advocating general fitness to boost your immune system during this time, she also stated in the collaboration post which included a number of other celebrities, for people not to follow fad diets and just concentrate on their well being during this time. 

Ayushmann Khurrana
It’s no secret that Ayuhsmann Khurrana wears many hats. Taking inspiration from the books and poetry he is reading, Khurrana has been gracing his followers with a few poetic lines from thought-provoking poets and even some of his own. Being a song-writer himself, the actor-singer’s poems are wonderful to listen to and ones that instantly put a smile on your face.

Katrina Kaif
With the world now having a lot more time on their hands, Katrina Kaif is definitely it to do a few things she wasn’t able to do before, including learning how to play the guitar. Having posted a video of her practising without the sound on, she captioned that she wanted to ensure she gets it right before she lets everyone hear what she can do. Not only that – living with her sister, Kaif also posted a humble video of how she is doing house-chores whilst her help is in isolation – mainly just washing up, giving her followers a chance to let her know their washing up style.

Shah Rukh Khan
Being a man who knows how to address his audience, Shah Rukh Khan has been spreading the word about why people need to stay indoors, re-iterating the importance of tackling this virus, putting a comedic spin on his last post taking clips from his own movies whilst explaining the symptoms and what people need to do. Though what he is saying is serious, Khan’s posts definitely lifts up peoples spirits. 

Preity Zinta
Also reflecting on the health and fitness games, Preity Zinta addressed what her followers could do to help members of their household. The video shot by husband Gene Goodenough shows the actress massaging and putting oil in her mother hair, where she expresses that this is a great time to do the things that are good for you and each other. 

Karan Johar
Being one of the busiest film makers in the industry, Karan Johar posted a video of how he’s using his time to spend with his adorable children Yash and Roohi. Showing their colouring-in skills, this video warms the heart as he interacts with them both, declaring them as future artists. 

Deepika Padukone
Known for always looking glam and beautiful, Deepika Padukone has been letting her followers in on how she is still keeping fit and fabulous. From advertising her face roller to look after her skin, to juicing and exercising, she is leaving no stone unturned to ensure she is keeping up with her regime where her followers can follow. 

Ranveer Singh
Unlike his wife, Ranveer Singh seems to be using his time in isolation to have a Nutella Fest. As many of his fans know, he’s a huge fan of the chocolate-hazelnut spread, where he shows all the ones he has that have been personalised to bare the names of the different characters he has played, where he also posted the one showing named ‘Simmba’ (2018) well and truly finished. Although, he did give his followers a glimpse of him keeping up with the fitness, where he posted a picture of him and Padukone with the hashtag ‘homegymbuddies’.

Parineeti Chopra
Taking on a different stance with her social media, Parineeti Chopra is attempting to interact and set a challenge for her fellow co-stars and peers in the style of antakshri, which she has put the hashtag as ‘Quarantakshri’. Being another big name who has the knack for singing, Chopra posted a video of herself singing Tu Hi Re from ‘Bombay’ (1995), challenging the likes of Khurrana, Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

Salman Khan
Known to have an artistic streak in his bones, Salman Khan took to his social media page, to advocate his talent. With a sketchbook and charcoal stick at hand, Khan created a piece that depicts a woman adorned with her head covered and another woman wearing a burqa depicted on the beauty of culture and style. Here’s hoping he reveals a little more of that sketchbook for over the coming days.

Though this list is limited, many celebrities are taking to social media to advise and advocate how serious the situation is. There are many who have expressed different things everyone can do and it seems they are all united in ensuring they are spreading a supportive word. Recently, as a lockdown was placed by the Prime Minister for the whole of India, millions of people came out on to their balconies and windows to applaud all those working for their health service, where all the big names joined in – posting in on their social media avenues, sharing their gratitude and appreciation for all those involved in treating patients through this tough time.

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