Sehban Azim on his new show ‘Bepannaah’ with Jennifer Winget

BizAsia Correspondent



Popular television star, Sehban Azim, known for his recent work in ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’ and ‘Udann’, will be extending his work with Colors with new show ‘Bepannaah’, which also stars his good friend, Jennifer Winget. We caught up with Azim to find out more.

Your last outing was Thapki, in which you entered as the third hero? What’s your character like in ‘Bepanaah’? Is it a parallel lead? Take us through your character…

Kabir Katyal in Thapki Pyaar Ki was more about vengeance and eventually falling in love with strong, bold yet simple protagonist Thapki. Inspector Ajay Khurana in Udaan was about the righteous inspector who only aims to fight crime and serve justice and then again falling for Dabang Chakor. Yash in Bepannaah is all about giving unconditional love and providing every possible needs to his family and keeping them happy even if he has to sacrifice his own peace and happiness. He is a struggling businessman who is hard working and a self-made man. Yes. It’s a parallel lead along with Jennifer Winget, Harshad Chopra, and Namita Dubey.

When does the show go on air?
The final dates to go on air are not confirmed as yet.

You are working with your friend Jennifer Winget in the show. Are you paired opposite her? People assume that there is more than just friendship between the two of you? Would you like to clear the air once and for all?
Yes. I’m working with Jennifer Winget and it’s not the first time we are working together on a show, I have a lot of other friends in the show that includes Aniruddha Rajderkar, the creator and Director of this show. Harshad Chopra, who happens to be a friend since our time together in Humsafar. Ameeta Devadiga, who’s been around since Dil Mil Gaye and Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna hai days. Amrita Chavan, another old friend who is behind the look and costume we all carry in this show. So in all for me, it’s like a family working together in Cinevista where I started my television career as this is my fourth show with this production house. We all are very good friends should be enough to clear the air I assume.

What makes Jennifer so drool-worthy?
Her hard work, good acting skills teamed up with her good looks is probably the reason behind her being drool worthy.

Does it get difficult to work with her amid link-up rumours? Do you feel awkward?
These rumours have done their rounds a number of times and I think we have cleared them enough already. No there’s no awkwardness or difficulty working together.

Harshad Chopda, Karan Wahi and much more happen to be your contemporaries. With some great shows to your credit and good looks, a pre-requisite for a hero, your popularity quotient didn’t rise as quickly as it should have. What do you feel is the reason?
To be honest whatever I have received from my previous shows is good enough to bring a smile on my face and I am content with it. I’ve always believed in doing my work in the slow and steady manner and I have no rush for immediate fame and popularity whereas Harshad and Karan are concerned they also have been doing their constant hard work since their first show ‘Left Right Left’ and ‘Remix’ and they were already top of the charts even before I started my career as an actor.

You seem to have some romantic scenes too (going by the promos) with Jennifer. How comfortable were you performing those scenes? Are the scenes bold too?
Just like all other shows I’ve done before this show also has romance in it, what would a love story be without any romance in it. To be honest It’s going to be awkward and comfortable at the same time. Awkward because we are friends and comfortable because we are friends. Going by the promo if you consider it bold then it’s going to be bold probably and if you consider it romantic then that’s how it’s gonna be.

What about films while most of your peers are making inroads in Bollywood?
It’s all about acting for me whether it’s a movie, television, web series or an advertisement. Give me good character, a good story and I would love to act on it. When I started my career as a model I had no idea or a preconceived notion that I would be doing this within no time, but I’m here now and hopeful for the more good opportunity to come my way.

Are you single? If yes why are you so single? What did you learn from so many years in the industry?
Hahahahaha yes. I am absolutely happy and single. Probably that’s because I’m learning to love myself wholehearted before I start to love someone else wholehearted if that makes sense, it does to me. Don’t know what I’ve learned from the industry but yes over the years I’ve learned a lot from my life and experiences.