Sargun Mehta set for Bollywood debut in ‘Mission Cinderella’

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Much loved TV and Punjabi actress Sargun Mehta is set for debut in ‘Mission Cinderella’ with Akshay Kumar, BizAsia has learnt.

Talking about her feelings for the film, the actress shared with E Times, “I was so scared at first. I was excited because it’s my first project in Bollywood and it was Akshay sir. Everything was giving me the jitters and I can’t begin to tell you how I gave my first shot. I thought I would collapse. It was a rough and tough role and I was thinking about how I would do it. I am really scared and I hope it comes out well”.

In preparation for the role, Mehta said she’s watched a lot of cop roles, “I think we have all watched cops since we were kids, whether it’s real life, TV, films etc. When I did this role, I made sure I wasn’t watching anything. I just feel that when you watch a lot of something, you tend to copy it and make a caricature out of it. I wanted to do whatever comes to me naturally”.

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