Sargun Mehta & Ravi Dubey excited & nervous for ‘Udaariyaan’

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


One of the most adored and successful couples from the entertainment industry are writing their own success story. The talented duo has impressed viewers worldwide with their fantastic performances in individual capacities. Over a period of time, they have also earned a loyal fan following all around the globe. Both Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey have been a tad bit nervous lately and for all the right reasons.

The couple are feeling a bit nervous as they are only a few days away from the on-air date of their television series ‘Udaariyaan’. It’s not strange for accomplished personalities to feel this way owing to their dream being brought to reality with a humongous effort being invested.

Mehta shared her thoughts and said, “Udaariyaan is in entirety a piece of our own heart. We have invested a lot in it, not only in terms of money and energy but also our emotions. It’s our brainchild and we are eagerly awaiting its on air. In a way, I am feeling the same kind of nervousness the way it was when I gave my first audition. Fingers crossed and truly praying for viewers to love our feature Udaariyaan!”

Dubey shared, “Sargun and I have dreamed about this moment for a long time. We are now merely moments away from it becoming a reality and we have butterflies in our stomachs. Though I have been busy with a shoot and am in Jaipur, Sargun connects with me daily and we have lengthy discussions on the pace of Udaariyaan’s shoot and if any elements need to be worked upon. Udaariyaan is sargun’s baby she has put immense effort in every aspect of the show i am nothing more than a small support system to her …I truly hope the audience showers immense love on udaariyaan “

Both of them have turned storytellers as they spin stories to delight audiences with ‘Udaariyaan’. This show is sure to become a favorite with the television audiences in India and overseas! Can’t wait to watch the beautiful story unravel!