Sara Khan on her lip procedure: “I didn’t like my look at that time”

Sahar Junejo


Sara Khan has been a public figure since a young age, facing scrutiny around her looks ever since she rose to fame in 2007 with ‘Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai’. Last year, she underwent a lip filler procedure that attracted a lot of negative attention.

Khan opened up about the fiasco to Times of India, “I did not want to stay ‘Bidaai’’s Sadhna the entire life. I wanted to be fit and be Sara Khan. This is what I think. If people liked me as Sadhna from ‘Bidaai’ they will like me as Sara Khan also. They will love me the way I am as a human being in real life. So, I didn’t think much about my transformation. I just started working out and concentrated on my fitness. I did not change my face, I am the same. Yes, of course I did the lip filler which was a disaster and it did not look good at all. It was very bad it didn’t suit me at all. Mujhe apni khud ke lips pasand nahi aate the tab and I was waiting for it to dissolve. I didn’t like my look at that time.”

After this experience, she learnt how to deal with harsh criticism, “When you are a public figure you will get love and hate both. If there are good people, there will be bad people too. We all know that and we have to understand that everyone looks at you with love and positivity. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can’t stop anyone from expressing their thoughts. There are a few people who get really rude to you and post harsh comments. Initially, they used to bother and affect me, but then I realised that they are faceless people. They don’t even have real identities. They hide behind fake id’s and don’t even have the guts to show their real face. I think it is not even worth getting worried about their comments. On the other hand, there are people who love us so much, they write good stuff about us and send us gifts, I think it is more than enough for me. I have started focusing on their love.”