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Sara Ali Khan in legal dispute with ‘Kedarnath’ makers?

When the makers of her debut film got caught up in their own legal issues, little did Sara Ali Khan know that she would get in legal bother herself. Rumours say that with the new star having signed two films, the dates have slightly clashed, causing the makers of the first film taking legal action for her to change them.

According to Asian Age, after the dispute between the ‘Kedarnath’ makers has cleared, they found that Khan may not be available for the last few days of shooting their film on 5th July. This is due to her second signed film ‘Simmba’ starting on 6th July, which she is also preparing for.

After attempting to sort the issue out with the aspiring actress and her agent, it has been said that the makers of her debut have now decided to take her to court in order for her to change her dates and become available.

If this is the way things will go, it seems the courts will become very busy sorting out date issues amongst the industry.