Saqib Saleem: “If someone invests in my film; should not lose money”

Shyama Sudra



Still quite new in the industry, Saqib Saleem understands that he won’t be someone to bring in a mountain of money at the box office, however he is a good enough actor to have the confidence for his films to make a profit.

“I feel that if someone invests in my film, he should not lose that money. If that happens, then it bothers me. Whether a film becomes a blockbuster or not, that is not in my control,” Hindustan Times reports the actor expressing.

He went on to add, “I take up films that I am proud of, how they do at the box office depends on many things. I am very honest on this front. I am not an actor who will give a Rs 30 crore opening and my producers know that.”

Talking about the selection process, Saleem explained, “Your first film chooses you. You audition for everything that comes your way. From your second film onwards, you should take on work that interests you. The role needs to be worth it.”

Saleem will next be seen in film maker Aleya Sen Sharma’s ‘Koroli Loves Sumit’, which will also star Taapsee Pannu.