Saqib Saleem on celebrating Eid without parents during lockdown

Shyama Sudra



As many are finding ways to keep creative and connected, Saqib Saleem recently opened up about how he is dealing with the lockdown and not being able to celebrate Eid with his parents this year.

“The major part of the day goes into fasting. And Huma (Qureshi) and me always plan it, that we don’t usually work during Ramzan. We try and avoid it if we can, whether it’s shoots or anything. We plan it in a way that we are home,” Hindustan Times reports the actor stating.

He went on to add, “Usually, our parents are here in Mumbai and we celebrate Eid together. This year, it can’t happen. I can’t be with my parents. It looks difficult. These things make me sad, but it’s the only way we are going to overcome this. We keep telling ourselves that this is irritating, how taxing our lives have become, boring or whatever you call it. But I feel it’s extremely essential that we show character at this point, and bloody stay strong.”

Talking about what he’s been doing whilst being at home, Saleem explained, “These months have felt like a year, that’s the sentiment everybody has. I keep reading ‘March seemed like a year, when will April get over’. I did a few things to keep myself busy. Initially, I was thinking ‘what can I do sitting at home, I am an actor, how do I keep myself busy?’.”

“But one needs to involve themselves, otherwise laziness can set in. I started watching new season of shows I had seen, and then started writing too. I had stopped, I used to write way back when I was in college,” he signed off.

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