Sapna Moti Bhavnani becomes first Indian woman to be selected at Network of Asian Fantastic Films


Sapna Moti Bhavnani’s film ‘Bearlike Man’ has been selected as the official “It Project Selection” to be presented in front of industry professionals visiting NAFF and BIFAN 2021. BIFAN launched the Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF), in 2008 a project market specializing in genre films, a companion program with the Korean film industry.

Bearlike Man is a story of a grizzly bear possessed mother who gives birth to a boy with a rare disease Bearlike Syndrome and gets him married to a 12-year-old virgin to cure him on the advice of the local witch.

Talking about the selection at NAFF by BIFAN, director & writer Sapna Moti Bhavnani says “When I found out my project Bearlike Man was selected, I had no idea how to react. I did not expect it at all. Not because I didn’t have faith in my story but because women are seldom found in this arena. I cannot thank Jongsuk enough for encouraging all of us to apply. Not only is Bearlike Man the only project from India this year, it is the only project directed by an Indian woman ever selected. I am beyond excited as finally I have been selected in the perfect market for the films I want to make. For 2 years I was trying really hard to please OTT platforms and producers from India to finance my films and it is only this year I made peace knowing that there is a market for everyone, and the Commercial Indian Market was not for me. Once I realized this, I was free to write what I really wanted and voila I birthed Bearlike Man”.

Due to the pandemic situation BIFAN will hold the NAFF It Project market in the virtual world with leading global film industry professionals. Bearlike Man will be produced by WENCH Films.

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