Sanjay Kapoor confirms daughter Shanaya gearing up for Bollywood career

Shyama Sudra



Being from a prominent film family, it’s a given almost that the younger generation will always be speculated to follow the footsteps of their elders. Just Iike her cousin Janhvi Kapoor once was, Shanaya Kapoor has also been rumoured over the past couple of years, to be readying herself for an acting career. However, where in the past her father Sanjay Kapoor has denied all allegations, he has now come out and confirmed that his daughter is preparing herself for a career in films.

According to Pinkvilla, Junior Kapoor is currently working as an assistant director in her cousin Jahnvi’s forthcoming film. Confirming the news, father Kapoor stated, “It’s true that Shanaya is now in Lucknow and working as an assistant on Janhvi’s film. It was a joint decision. She was very keen on doing something different to understand the space, rather than just wasting time.”

Expressing that this was the path his daughter wanted to take, Kapoor went on to add, “Before she wanted to take up a film, she didn’t want to be abroad for a three-year-course. Instead, she chose something personal like this. Obviously, I’m always there to guide her. Nothing in life is better than experience.”

“She is doing her acting workshops, her dance classes and other things that you need to do before you take it up as a career,” he continued.

Kapoor was asked, about it being easier for the likes of the Kapoor children building their careers in a business that the parents are already so well established. “For me, I believe my kids need to also know that this is an extremely professional space and it isn’t a cakewalk. Today, she is in Lucknow where it’s 41 degrees. So it will be difficult and requires a lot of hard work,” he explained.

Kapoor went on to add, “She might be from a film family and connections are easy but sustaining won’t be easy. It’s very tough to survive in this industry. I know it really well which is also why I made her go through this process of assisting. All the glamour is only an exterior thought, inside, it’s a lot of hard work.”

There had been rumours that junior Shanaya would be launched by Karan Johar. “There’s no truth to that. She’s just assisting on his production venture. She has not taken a call on anything yet. Yes, she’s definitely getting ready for a Bollywood career. Hopefully soon, she must work hard and land a good film. We will all wait for that. I just want her to concentrate on this for now,” Kapoor confirmed.

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