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Sanjay Dutt wants to open rehab centres across India

Sanjay Dutt has always been very vocal about his life as a drug addict, and especially after being released from jail, the actor has constantly been raising awareness about the issue. News now has it that Dutt is taking it upon himself to open up rehab centres across India, and is already in talks with the Indian government.

In a recent report, Times of India states how Dutt is still waiting to get the all the right details approved before he and his team can start their work. The rehab centres will offer counselling and and the correct facilities for patients.

Furthermore, Dutt expressed how his plans for the centres will be put forward in a way that will make it accessible for all. Having got the right treatment himself in the USA, the reports states how this was only possible due to his family being able to afford it. However with many not being able to do so, the rehab centres will be affordable to all.

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