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Sanjana Sanghi on Kangana’s claims her #MeToo clarifications were too late

Sanjana Sanghi, who debuted in ‘Dil Bechara’ as the lead actress, has hit back at Kangana Ranaut’s claims that her clarification on the Me Too allegations against Sushant Singh Rajput came too late.

Zoom TV reports Sanghi replying, “”I have said more than enough about what happened. Also, I’ve given a clarification which should have been enough. At that time, it wasn’t late, nobody is in authority to decide what’s late and what’s not. You don’t fuel rumours. It is not the responsibility or job to clarify rumours”.

Ranaut’s had earlier took to Twitter and stated, “Many blinds claimed tht Sushant raped Sanjana,such news abt her harassment wr common in those days,Why Sanjana took her own sweet time to clarify?Why she nvr spoke so passionately abt her friendship with him when he ws alive? @mumbaipolice cn investigate”.

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